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Lois Lane with SupermanOne of the things I like about comic books is that there are so many strong female characters. These women KICK ASS! Even Lois Lane, who during some eras seemed to have nothing better to do than try to get Superman to marry her, is really at her roots, a tough, smart, determined newswoman who actually went out and fought for stories – no small feat in an era when many women at newspapers were relegated to the Society page or the Family desk.

I was a journalist for more than 20 years, so Lois Lane has always been kind of a role model for me. Here’s a Golden Era Lois Lane – She’s quite the dame, ain’t she? And she’s even got Superman doing the typing!

There is no no shortage of bad-ass comic book women. Here’s one I discovered recently.

Now this is one bad-ass woman:

Dakota North

Dakota North

Bad-ass profession: Private Investigator.

Bad-ass skills: Trained in hand-to-hand combat and able to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle while shooting at bad guys. Able to pull off wearing skin-tight jumpsuits.

Bad-ass line: (Upon being thanked for saving the day) “Pshaw. Just doing my job. I love a man whose check clears.”

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