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John Lennon Skrull

I found several Captain Britain and MI:13 comics in a bargain bin a couple of months ago and was immediately intrigued when I opened the first page and saw John Lennon.

Seriously. John Lennon.

Captain Britain Secret Invasion issue 1OK, so he’s not really John Lennon, he just looks like John Lennon. He’s a Skrull and Skrulls can take on the appearance of absolutely anyone, making them difficult to discern from the average Brit.

Where, you may ask, are the rest of the Faux Four? Killed, according to Skrull John.

Paul really is dead.

“We were a bit of fun, the four of us. ‘Skrull Beatles!’ We were silly and great!” says Skrull John Lennon, who at the start of issue 1 is about to be terminated himself.

A skrull

Anyone seen Spiderman?

I immediately bought all the issues they had.

All the issues they had turned out to be 1, 3, 4, 6 and 14 in a series of 15, so I definitely have some gaps to fill. But I broke my “don’t-read-until-I-have-the whole-series” rule and dug in.

As the series starts, England is under attach by the Skrulls, who, when they’re not looking like someone else, look a little like Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborne as the Green Goblin in the first “Spiderman”

The Skrulls have attacked Britain to get to Avalon — yes, that Avalon, complete with the sword in the stone, which also plays a part in the comic.
They have taken, “what England has more of than anyone else — Magic!” — as Pete Wisdom says — which they’ve used to create a Super-Skrull that wears the magic in a huge chain around itself and looks like some badly accessorized hip hop ghoul.

Knights of Pendragon 1990Meanwhile there are battles going on everywhere, London looks kid of like it did during the Blitz, and a dead Captain Britain is resurrected — he literally wraps himself in the flag; several in fact, which somehow transform into a skin-tight suit.

Apparently the Skrulls didn’t get all of the magic!

I’ll be looking to collect the rest of the series in the coming days. I’m also going to start tracking down a Marvel UK series, “Knights of Pendragon,” in which Captain Britain apparently stars in a political mythological New Age storyline.

Now that sounds like magic.

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