My Comic Book Crisis

A woman of a certain age, a computer, and a love of comics

On Thursday, New Hampshire saw a blistering tempest that brought with it winds of up to 91 mph in some places and a Sweet Tooth issue 4mere 70 mph in others. Coupled with torrential rains earlier in the day, the storm left in its wake flooding, downed trees and some 300,000 homes without power.

Have ridden out the last two multiple-day outages at home in discomfort, this time we secured a hotel room early and, when the power had been out for a full day and night, packed our bags and headed for the safety and comfort of the Marriott.

It was tough to pack in the dark, but I managed to pack all the necessities for an evacuation: Tooth brush, change of clothes, bottled water, laptop, makeup, a bottle of wine, a corkscrew, issues 2-5 of Sweet Tooth, the first TPB of Transmetropolitan, Astro City: Confession, and The Drawing of the Three, book two of Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series.

It was, after all, only a temporary evacuation. If circumstances had been more dire and we’d had to leave our home for a more extended period – say, due to raging conflagration, alien invasion or a nuclear event, I certainly would have packed differently. I would have added my iPod and Ed Brubaker’s Criminal series. And probably Watchmen. It is after, all, best to be sensible under those kind of extenuating circumstances.

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