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I have all these comics to write about – my “B” entry for instance – but I got distracted by a book I got at Granitecon last month and hadn’t read yet.

“Wolverine: Blood & Sorrow” had been sitting by the couch, buried under a stack of comics for several weeks when my son picked it up and read it, then left it on the top of the pile. Last night, when I had the house to myself for a few magnificent hours, I was trying to write a new blog entry when I noticed “Blood & Sorrow.” Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? So I put down the computer and picked up “Blood & Sorrow.”

Hugh Jackman sans shirt

Um, what was that I was saying again?

The collection includes Wolverine #41 and #49, Giant-Size Wolverine #1 and X-Men Unlimited #12, and gives a nice little cross-section of standalone Wolverine stories that are tragic, dark, and occasionally darkly funny. I’m a big Wolverine fan, although, honestly, a majority of the Wolverine lore I know comes from the X-Men and Wolverine movies, and quite frankly, once Hugh Jackman takes off his shirt it’s hard to concentrate on anything that’s going on, so to get some more comic book Wolverine exposure was definitely a good thing. The funny thing is, even after all the movies, when I see the comic version of Wolverine, I don’t think of Hugh Jackman at all – they’re two completely different entities, unlike, say, Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter who have become one and the same. But I still love the comic book Wolverine; the guy is just so damn cool, even though his stylist should be sued for the crazy haircut and mutton chops.

Page from Blood & Sorrow

Wolverine as Mr. Dad

The first two stories in “Blood & Sorrow” are written by Stuart Moore with artist C.P. Smith and my favorite is the second one “The Package” which has Logan/Wolverine in Africa rescuing the baby of the murdered president of “Zwartheid,” Africa and getting her out of the country. This sets up some

Page from Blood & Sorrow

Don’t cry children, they’re bad guys

interesting dilemmas: Logan’s got the baby in something that looks like a Snugli baby carrier, and he’s ready to go flat out nuts on everybody, but he can’t: he has a baby to consider. It’s really kind of a funny metaphor for parenthood.

My second favorite in the book, “Better to Give…” written by Rob Williams, is a nice twisted tale in which the X-Man is in “Lacy’s” doing a little mundane Christmas shopping at the request of Kitty Pryde  and he’s not happy about it. (” ‘You’re in New York anyway,’ she sez. ‘Just pick up a few presents,’ she sez ‘I’ll give you list.’ “) While he’s there, an heiress is kidnapped by bad guys posing as Santa and his elves. Say it ain’t so! What’s the world come to when you can’t even trust Santa?

Fortunately for the heiress, Wolverine’s on the case and, with the help of the girl’s bodyguard, carnage ensues. So many elves, so little time. It’s the classic holiday tale.

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