My Comic Book Crisis

A woman of a certain age, a computer, and a love of comics

Woman reading comic bookWelcome to My Comic Book Crisis, a new old blog about comics, movies and pop culture. By “old new” I mean I started it several years ago, abandoned it, and now have come back to it again. At the time, work and life got in the way; now I’ve had a change of career, gone through a few life changes, and feel like I’m good to go again.

When I first started this blog, I was a comic book newbie. Today, while I know a little more, I’m still pretty green, so this blog is really a journey of sorts – one where I explore, discover, and find delight in the pages of comic books, the big and small screens, and in various other places.

By “woman of a certain age,” I mean “that’s for me to know,” but suffice to say I’m somewhere north of 40. How far, I won’t say, but I will say it was far enough that when I went for my yearly physical and realized I had worn Spiderman underwear, it was a bit embarrassing.

I have a grown son, a patient husband, and three Maine coon cats, and I live somewhere in New Hampshire. I have a job, teach on the side, and read comic books in between. It’s a pretty good life, I’ll have to say.

So, I hope you’ll join me on my renewed quest in the land of superheroes and zombies, explorers and warriors, boy and girl wonders, and all manner of adventures. See you there.

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